Sophomore Exit Project 2013

You have been given the opportunity to demonstrate the skills you have learned in all of your core classes: Reading, Writing, Math and Social Studies. In teams of four, you will analyze the influence of the ancient civilizations that we have learned in Social Studies on the modern countries that they have become. Using the information you have found in your research, you will present at the first annual sophomore travel fair. Let’s begin!

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Your Key to Managing Social Studies


Welcome to sixth grade Social Studies!  This year, we will uncover the mysteries of people from distant places and time.  Below are the title of our units.  If you click on the unit we are working on you will have the updated daily class work and homework.  In addition, I encourage you to explore other pages that are on here.

Early Hominids


Ancient Egypt

Ancient Hebrews

Ancient India

Ancient China

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome